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Simple Animal-based Recipes

You don’t have to be a gourmet or break the budget on the animal-based diet.

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So you’re thinking about trying the animal-based diet. Maybe you are considering the animal-based 30 challenge or wondering how difficult it would be make meaty meals all the time.

Or are you still on the fence about whether an animal-based diet is right for you? Here is a post about some things to consider when choosing a diet.

However, if you have decided to try it and would like some ideas for easy animal-based meals then you are in the right place!

It doesn’t have to be so difficult or expensive to prioritize animal-based nutrition. Here are some quick and easy ideas for your carnivore sensibilities.

Animal-based Meal Superstar: Hamburger Meat

shallow focus photo of patties on grill
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By far, one of the easiest meaty meals is what we lovingly refer to as the “meat cookie.” Meat cookies, also known as hamburger patties, are so simple you don’t need a recipe. The simplest version is grilled with a generous sprinkle of Redmond Real Salt but you can add any seasonings if you prefer more flavor. You can cook them on the grill (indoor or outdoor), on cast iron or stainless steel skillet. You can even cook them in an air fryer. And it doesn’t take long to cook extra for several subsequent lunches.

Here are a few ideas for adding extra flavor to your meat cookies.

  • For even more vitamins and minerals sprinkle Eat Pluck organ seasonings.
  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard per pound of hamburger meat and mix in before forming patties and cooking.
  • Add ground dried porcini mushrooms to the mix, if not sensitive or allergic to mushrooms.
  • Find a new favorite spice blend for seasoning meat such as Penzey’s Mural of Flavor. Don’t forget to check labels and avoid any that list seed oils or anything nonspecific like “natural flavors” or “spices.” All ingredients need to be listed, easily recognizable, and real, pronounceable food.
  • Condiments can add some extra pizazz for dipping your meat cookies if you prefer the carnivore-ish diet. Here is a great recipe for avocado crema (we like to add more lime juice and a pinch of cumin too). You can always make your own condiments but whether you are strict carnivore or on any other eating plan, never, ever consume condiments with seed oils. (Here is a great article about seed oils and why you should avoid.)

Be careful with the seasonings. If you have been trying to eliminate all but meat to determine food allergies or sensitivities, and still have issues, it could be the seasonings. Simply remove those and go back to good old fashioned salt and see what happens.

For a carnivore-ish addition, you can top with sauteed onions, bacon, avocado, or the usual burger toppings.

Ground Beef Part 2

Here are some other quick and easy ways to use hamburger meat that are not meat cookies:

Taco meat and cheese is another great way to spice up hamburger meat as a meal. Again, this is more carnivore-ish and something to try if the spices don’t bother you.

(Yes, people at work or in your family are going to think you are weird for eating only taco meat or meat cookies. You will survive the gawking and they will eventually get over it, or perhaps even get curious.)

A few other animal-based recipes to try:

Carnivore Egg in a Hole

Mozzarella Stuffed Meatballs

Carnivore Stroganoff with Ground Beef

The 3 recipes listed above found here: Revero


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There are so many ways to cook the super nutritious egg! Eggs are satiating and you are not going to break the budget having an all egg meal.

One simple twist to the fried egg is to cut bacon into bits to cook first until the bacon is not quite yet crispy. Then, scoot the bacon bits aside in the pan to make room for the eggs. Fry the eggs in the bacon grease with the bits. If you put a lid on top you don’t even have to flip the eggs. (Or you can flip the eggs.) Once the whites are solid, it’s bon appetite!

For an easy breakfast you make ahead simply mix a dozen eggs with cooked bacon bits or cooked ground sausage and pour into muffin tins. Add salt to taste. Bake at 350° for about 25 minutes. (If desired, sprinkle cheese on top in the last 5 minutes of cooking.) You can refrigerate and eat all week.

Another simple favorite is the keto custard recipe which has only 3 ingredients. You’ll find lots of other amazing recipes there from the folks at Keto Connect as well.

Don’t forget about hard, medium, or soft boiled eggs as a snack or a quick meal.

Animal-based Bread?

And if you are missing breads on the animal-based diet, then you have to try Maria Emmerich’s PSMF Wonder Bread recipe which is mostly egg whites. (PMSF is protein sparing modified fast.) You can scoop the “dough” into balls for rolls or buns, spread it flat for tortillas or pizza, or put it in a loaf pan.

If you make PMSF bread as a loaf, be sure to try it sliced and toasted in a pan with butter! It’s got all the satisfying yum of a grilled cheese sandwich which you can, of course, make with this bread.

Chaffles! Simply put, chaffles are eggs whisked with shredded cheese which creates an animal-based batter for the waffle maker. Chaffles make great “buns” for hamburger patties or for breakfast sandwiches.

Beef Roasts and Steaks

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Whether it’s chuck, eye of round, or ribeye roast, you can do more with these cuts of beef than roast them. One idea for saving money is to buy the roast and slice it into steaks, slices or cubes. Then simply grill/saute/stew and enjoy.

Grilled steaks are great for lunch the next day because you can slice them ahead of time and eat them cold as a finger food. If you don’t work from home, pack the sliced steak in glass covered dish and keep in an insulated lunch box with a reusable ice pack to keep it cool. Super easy and delicious!

Here is an simple pot roast recipe from Grass Fed Girl, Caitlin Weeks.

It’s also easy to cook chuck roast in the Instant Pot for 45-60 minutes for a (2 lb) chuck roast. Cook with a cup water, salt, garlic powder, and a couple of bay leaves. Oh, and a brisket cooked this way gets tender in the Instant Pot too.

Roast Nacho

Another idea for what to do with a cooked roast is to shred the meat and spread onto a lined cookie sheet. Then top with cheese and bake until heated through and cheese is melted. You can eat as-is for carnivore or for carnivore-ish top with your favorite nacho toppings.


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The Instant Pot is great for making a whole chicken. The quickest and easiest way is to pressure cook it in 1-2 cups of water, generously salted, under high pressure for about 25-30 minutes. You can add spices such as thyme, sage, rosemary, a couple of bay leaves or a blend like Herbs de Provence.

Strain and save the broth from your whole chicken to reheat and sip on later or add to another recipe.

If you enjoy chicken nuggets you might try replacing the flour with pork rinds panko like Steak and Butter Gal does in this quick video for how to make carnivore chicken nuggets. It’s basically egg wash, pork rind panko and beef tallow for the cooking oil.

Michelle Tam of Nom Nom Paleo has a most excellent recipe for chicken thighs she calls Cracklin’ Chicken which is quick and easy to make. It tastes amazing.

Chicken is also one of those meats that you can eat cold for lunch the next day. No microwave rubber meat!


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Like any of the other types of meat, pork can be served as a stand alone dish or even as a snack.

Have you ever heard of “purse bacon?” Yes, it’s a thing because bacon is a great snack for on the go.

Although not recommended for purse storage, bacon topped with cream cheese could be a snack or a quick and easy breakfast.

A popular carnivore trend is super crispy pork belly. You can search “carnivore pork belly” to find many great ways to cook this. One of the easiest is to crisscross slice the top and cook it in the air fryer.

Here is a great Pork Carnitas recipe from Cassie Joy Garcia from If you search her site for “pork” or any other meat, you will find some more great ideas. Just leave off the non-meat sides.

Prioritizing animal foods is delicious, satiating, energizing, and therefore, not hard to maintain. And you don’t have to be a gourmet in the kitchen to eat well.

Any recipe or way of cooking meat is fair play on the animal-based diet. You just need to make more of it and leave off the sides.

Choosing a cut of meat that is less expensive or on sale is how to do the animal-based diet on budget. And making extra for lunch the next day will mostly likely be far less expensive than dining out.

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