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Replacing Habits

Have a hard habit to break?

Just an idea I’m playing with and sharing in the hopes it helps you too. 

If you have a habit that you are trying to quit, it can be difficult to do without having a plan to replace that habit with something else. 

What if you created a list of things you could do instead of that thing you are trying to quit doing?

Here is my example: I am tyring to cut down on or quit drinking alcohol, namely red wine. Below is the list of things I came up with to do instead of having that glass of wine.

The first step is to understand why you are doing what you are doing and what are the feelings associated with this behavior or haibt?

For me the glass of wine is about relaxing, unwinding, sometimes even socializing and avoiding difficult feelings. So what can I do instead of the wine to get the same or similar effect.

Second, you have to be committed to this decision. Put up reminders that you already made this decision, with the reason you made this decision and then post the list in as many places as you need to be reminded.

Things to do instead of drinking alcohol:

  • Yoga stretches
  • Read fiction
  • Draw in Procreate on iPad
  • Take a short, leisurely walk
  • Play with the dogs
  • Call my mom
  • Meet a friend at Starbucks for tea (Mint Majesty on ice!)
  • Drink fruit infused sparkling water
  • Guided meditation

Now it’s your turn! 

Is there a habit you would like to replace with something healthier? Or would you simply like to cut back on how often you do something? 

Why not commit in writing and then track your efforts? Post a reminder that you already made this decision so you don’t have to make it again.

If you would like a printable pdf for this process, here ya go!

Download PDF

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