Brio energy boosters, body, mind, and soul!

No affiliation with any herein, unless specifically noted.

Creativity Books

These are my favorite books about how creativity can be cultivated.

Sparks of Genius

My favorite book of ALL time!

The Spiritual Artist

Second favorite of all time!

Your Brain on Art

OK, you get it now, right? 🙂

Steal Like an Artist

Do it! A quick read too!

Carnivore Books

Best books about about the animail-based way of eating. Don’t come at me about red meat being bad for you until you read these. (No affiliation with Amazon.)

Carivore Cure

The Carnivore Code

Lies my Doctor Told Me

The Big Fat Surprise

Fun Art Stuff

These are some things I’m currently enjoying and which provide much creative energy.

Beam Paints

Currently, no affiliation.

Handmade paint. Wonderful colors!


Original Creators; no affiliation

How do I love these, let me count the ways!

Laura Horn Art

I took her Melting Pot art class over the summer. I love her art style. One of my favorites on YouTube too.

The Artist’s Way

Another book but the morning pages and her method for creating daily is a must read!

Food and Drink

Currently no affiliation with these, but I swear by them! Very brio!


I use these daily. If I sweat, I’ll have more. I really like the taste of these over others. Not sweetened with stevia which I learned is a member of the ragweed family. So if you are alergic to ragweed, you may not do well with stevia.


Not cheap, but has drastically reduced alcohol cravings.

Beef Initiative

Montly Beef Subcriptions for local, decentralized, high quality meat.

White Oak Pastures

Sustainable farm, wastes nothing. So many great products here including artisan goods!

Organ Meat Supplements

Liver is the SUPREME superfood but tastes yucky so they dehydrated it. Click link below for 20% off your first order!

Digestive Enzymes

If you ate a lot of junk over the years like me, you may need digestive support.

Personal Care

These are the products I am currently using and absolutely love.

Primal Life Organics

Dental Stuff

I’ve been using various products from Primal Life Organics since 2022. It’s the go-to for all my dental needs.The deoderant is great too!

*The link below is an affiliate link which means if you make a purchase through this link, I will make a commission at no extra charge to you. Thanks for your support!

Araza Beauty

Coconut Cream Foundation

Organic. Low PUFA. Post-biotic.

Perma Earth

Tallow-based Products

Favorite Handbag

White Oak Pastures

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