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Body Measurement Tracker

Ditch the scale! Tracking weight on the scale is not the most helpful way to measure your health. If you are exercising and building muscle, for example, your weight may go up because muscle weighs more than fat. But if you see that number go up, you may feel defeated and give up even though… Continue reading Body Measurement Tracker

Habit Tracker

Track your habits and the outcomes you are working towards so you can find correlations. This tracker is great for tracking a set of variables.  Download PDF

Replacing Habits

Have a hard habit to break? Just an idea I’m playing with and sharing in the hopes it helps you too.  If you have a habit that you are trying to quit, it can be difficult to do without having a plan to replace that habit with something else.  What if you created a list… Continue reading Replacing Habits

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Simple Animal-based Recipes

You don’t have to be a gourmet or break the budget on the animal-based diet. So you’re thinking about trying the animal-based diet. Maybe you are considering the animal-based 30 challenge or wondering how difficult it would be make meaty meals all the time. Or are you still on the fence about whether an animal-based… Continue reading Simple Animal-based Recipes

person holding container with seaweed

Do You Think Like a Scientist or a Politician?

The thing is, there is and likely always will be, much polarity in the world of health and wellness if we remain stuck in our thinking. So how can any of us navigate and make the best decision for our own bodies?

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Merriem Webster defines “healthy” as: not displaying clinical signs of disease or infection beneficial to one’s physical, mental, or emotional state showing physical, mental, or emotional well-being prosperous, flourishing But what does being in good health mean to you? If you think about it, being healthy is about quality of life which can be very subjective based on what… Continue reading Thank you for stopping by!

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