To Life with Brio!

Until I can figure out how to make this website more “professional,” here are links to some brio things I either created or use.

What is a brio thing, you ask?

Something is brio if it promotes more of the kind of energy that leads to joy and well-being.

The Mindful Commute

Do you have a long commute? Do you often wonder why you are in a bad mood when you arrive at your destination even though traffic was not an issue? In this journal I’ll teach you a fun game I play in my own commute and which you can spend 5-10 minutes writing about once you reach your destination.


Unlock trapped brain energy and productivity with planners and habit trackers specifically designed for those of us who have trouble focusing or finding motivation. Whether you’re striving for improved fitness and nutrition, mental well-being, or finding more time to create, I have some great tools here that I created and use to help support my endeavors. Have a look and see if they might be something you can use on your transformative journey.

Favorite Brio Things

From watercolor paints to pens to office and classroom essentials to nutrition favorites and general things that help navigate life a little more easily.

This list is ever evolving and currently includes but is not limited to handmade watercolor paints, my favorite tools for organizing my office, mobile art studio, and classroom, the foods fueling my creativity and well-being, and books that have helped me grow in various ways.


I’m Bridget

I enjoy being creative, teaching and learning! By day, I teach interior design to high schoolers. Brio Place is where I curate all the things that help me be a better teacher and person in general. My interests are varied and this site may be eclectic, as in not very niche. However, I am learning to trust the process that says, throw it all at the wall and see what sticks. Come along if you want!

Latest YouTube Video

Hopping on the bubble trend! Creating bubbles, or anything round like the orange slices, is so satisfying to me. In this video, I share my process and where I found some fun glow-in-the-dark, handmade watercolor paint.

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